As part of the intervention of Jack Usine (aka Tristan Étienne), the conception of a typographic character was envisaged with as starting points the sloggan “I am so angry that I made a sign” and the constraints plastics: without curve, Egyptian type wheelbases, greasy fat and compact flush. After some sketches, the design is done on the Glyphs software. The serifs are superimposed because the typo has to be compact. Rather than a constraint, this typographic characteristic becomes in fact a game of inclusion of the serifs into each other. The name of this typography is related to the message of the basic sign expressing revolt and anger, a desire to be heard. Subsequently, a poster containing the sloggan with its characters was designed, and the manufacture of wooden characters is done at FabLab Rennes 1, laser cutting. Will follow the realization of the poster and an exhibition at the Nantes Printing Museum. [Gallery ids = “51”]